5th LEAGUE vs Pirates

On a nice cool evening at the Ice Chamber

Ryan went on first at No.3. After a hard fought 1st game which Ryan lost, Ryan’s young legs (relatively) came to the party and 3 games later a comfortable win was achieved – not without a few of Ryan’s trademark drives into the tin however. A good win 3-1

Next on at No.1 was ”Baldy” Jeff against an opponent who had spent the last 3 or 4 weeks playing 2nd league. The first game was a tight affair with “Baldy” up 7-6. He couldn’t finish however and went down 9-8. No problem our roadrunner kept going and got to 8-6 up in the 2nd. But again he couldn’t finish going down 10-8. In the third “Baldy” was again up 8-6. He couldn’t possibly lose this game could he? Oh yes he could 10-8 again. This was a great match and one of the closest 3-0 games I’ve seen for a long time. Jeff was left scratching (or polishing) his head.

Feathers Peacock then went on at 2 and swiftly went down 2-0. Feathers was playing badly (even worse than the time Richard Bothwell beat him 27-1). All appeared lost with Feathers needing a game to make the last match interesting. Somehow he won the 3rd and then the 4th. The 5th was a titanic battle with Feathers getting more desperate with every point. However digging deep he snuck in 10-9.

John (for some reason being nicknamed “The Silver Fox” – thanks Jeff) went on next and took full advantage of the pleasantly cool conditions, lobbing, dropping and boasting to a comfortable 3-1 win.

Result 12-7,

Another good win and another pleasant pizza at Nunos finished the evening.