7th League vs Germiston

Long, long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… oh stuff it, we played squash on Tuesday - it wasn’t an intergalactic battle (but it was far, far, away). You will have to wait for the return of the injured Lukewarm Captain one day for the next exciting episode!

Phil Maxton and Gavin Geldenhuys decided to annex both courts simultaneously and make the 4th league wait for one of their games to finish. Fortunately that did not take long as Gavin carelessly gave away 4 points in the match. Apparently his opponent had cramp in his shin (?). Phil was his usual clinical self as he destroyed his opponent 3-0. Richard on next and did my best to lose but some how managed to sneak it in three. Hitting my opponent on the nose with my racquet helped subdue his stubborn resistance. With the match wrapped up, Flippie thought he had it in the bag after walking the first game. The wheels then came off as his opponent woke up and the match was lost 1-3.

Overall our worst result of the season but a 13-3 win nevertheless.

COTY nomination to Flip for arriving in Germiston first but getting to the courts last.

Match result: 13-3.