5th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

On another nice cool evening at the Ice Chamber, The Silver Fox went on first confident that the lob, drop, boast game of last week would triumph again. Unfortunately after a close and long first game was lost 10-8, the Silver Fox turned into a bedraggled vixen and gained few extra points to lose 0-3.

Feathers went on next against an old adversary (Robbie Coetzee) and took advantage of a seemingly injured and out-of-form Robbie to win 3-0.

Chris (Captain my Captain) then took to the court with great trepidation against a young and agile opponent who proceeded to out-run and out think CmC to run away with the 1st 9-4. CmC however grew in confidence after a few juvenile errors in the next game sneaking it 10-9. He then proceeded to do the same in the 3rd (10-9) and a demoralized opponent then self-destructed in the 4th. Easily the best match of the season from CmC.

Our import from 4th Lge, Vevek then entered the fray only requiring a game for a points count-out. He came up against a very wily character, however, who proceeded to clinically win the first 2 games. After a quick flurry to get to 5-0 up in the 4th, normal service was again resumed and Vev went down 0-3.

So a narrow loss to the team just above us in the league.

Result 6-9