10th LEAGUE vs Parkview

UJ’s reputation preceded them and a rather anxious Tom marshalled the troops and gave us the “must win” pep talk before the match started. When we could finally crowbar the 8th and 9th Leaguers off our court (they had byes and walkovers), Phil (the Very Relaxed) Alves commenced battle against Bradley the Youthful, who looked really good in the warm-up and offered some resistance in the first game, but was overwhelmed by sharp decisive play – first blood to us 3 – 0.

Next on was Steph (the Elder), well rested from 5 weeks off, playing Phenyo the Weird. After I won the first game, he looked at me mournfully and said “I lost”. Somewhat taken aback I wittily riposted with “Yes, you did.” The second game was closer but also went the right way. Then the weirdness must have rubbed off on me because I (unforgivably) lost the next two from 7 – 3 and 8 – 2 up. Luckily the 5th game went the right way. This set the pattern for the rest of the evening.

Phil (the Whirlwind) Norton took on Alister the Cheerful, who looked totally out of it in the first game but then proceeded to offer stern resistance. Some amazing pickups and astonishingly rapid fire shots were traded along with surprisingly basic errors. Phil seemed all set to take the match in the 4th game and had the spectators on the edge of their seats at 9 all, but let it slip. Doing more of the right things in the 5th, Phil took it rather comfortably.

Tom (the Stylish) v Heeswijk faced the formidable Reedwaan the Wizard, who seemed to be able to drop the ball from any position on the court and gave the marker (one of their guys) baleful looks when unfavourable decisions were made. The match was a topsy-turvy affair , with Tom looking bewildered in the first game, dominant in the second, outplayed in the third and finally masterful in the fourth and last games. A great match to watch but also rather tense.

So, another fine win:

1) Tom 3 – 2

2) Phil A 3 – 0

3) Steph 3 – 2

4) Phil N 3 – 2

Final result 16-6