6ththLeague “B”(getting Better) vs Alberton

Everybody got their passports in order packed some padkos for the journey to Alberton. The commitment of the team is great the guys have really got their priorities right. Firstly it was Phils birthday and not any birthday but the big 50 – Congrats Phil, secondly Flip was leaving for the airport at 5 the next morning.

The captain was back from his 10 days leave and hoping that he could play at number 4 and ease into things. He got to the court to be welcomed by “Captain Grumpy” asking why I was so late and that I must get dressed so we can play. On at number 3 I went winning the first, losing the second hopelessly, coming back to win the next two 3-1 (lucky he did not know about the leave)

Phil and Ryan had now arrived and went onto two courts at the same time. Phil at number 1 starts against the “real no 1” player Kevin and takes the first and the second comfortably. Phil has a match point or two in the 3 rd and then remembers his “new” age and slows down to lose the third. This continued in the fourth and the match goes to the fifth with the fifty year old running out of legs 2-3.

The feedback during Phils game on Ryan playing at no 2 against “surfer boy” Clayton – Ryan took the first, Ryan has just lost the second, don’t worry Ryan is back in control and taken the third, be concerned Ryan has just lost the 4th badly and may lose the fifth – Ryan has won the 5th 9-0. Match 3-2

Its all up to Flip playing at no 4. He started before Ryans game ended and did not know what he had to do (just win two games) but we always knew that he would pull it through without the extra pressure. 3-0

Match result : 14-6