12th LEAGUE vs Pirates

Their captain was not there and they seemed to be pretty disorganised and a couple of their players introduced themselves to each other in my presence.

They happened to be their No 1 and No2!!! See no evil Speak no evil!

Nevertheless, we proceed.

No1 - Thankfully Brian was back from his South Coast holiday and although a little heavier after a few weeks of sun, sea, sand and braai's and beer but in his true aggressive manner soon got back into squash mode and thrashed his (ringer) opponent 3/0. I loved it! One of Brian's shots has to go down in the annuals of Chamber history.. he slipped playing a shot, fell onto his bottom, opponent returned the ball while Brian was still prostrate but he swivelled around and returned a winning shot!

No2 - Des. He never even looked as though he would get into the game with the Pirates (ringer) player over him like a rash! Des lost 0/9; 3/9 and 0/9.

COTY nomination for not trying!

No3- Bob. Had a good game against an evenly matched player. Games were like a see-saw 3/9; 9/4; 3/9; 9/1 and 3/9. Could have gone either way.

No4- John. Played like a demon with some VERY LOUD Oh's and Ah's but pulled off a remarkable victory for us to clinch the night. No one was happier than our man John. He won 3/1.

RESULT - Won 10/7 - points were in Pirates favour 100/91 but "a win's a win, o' pal!"

Uncharacteristically only two of their players stayed for a beer - the first one we were offered was after showers in the bar! We went out for pizza's on our own!

Final result 10-7