6ththLeague “A”(Astonishingly Good) vs Bryanston

The Awfully good A team arrived at Bryanston full of confidence after 6 straight wins.

Ron went on first and imperiously demolished his ex-Chamber opponent, Reiner Moosmuller, 3-0. Ron needn’t have bothered showering afterwards, so easy was it, and indeed wore the same un-washed shirt for Thursdays Masters match (a match by-the-way that wasn’t so easy and about which the “returning from injury” Mergus Mc will willingly spend hours describing).

Captain Rich (or is it Chris – hard to remember names at our age) then proceeded to make hard work of beating his Italian opponent 3-1.

Gavin then took on a very handy (but very podgy) fill-in. Gavin’s “vastly superior fitness” kicked in at 1-1 and Gavin eventually took an entertaining game 3-1.

The Silver Fox, on last against Vic the Horticultural Gardener, with nothing but pride to pay for, made sure he got his moneys worth and that Ron (the marker) had some exercise during the evening (mental if not physical). At 2 each, Captain Chris (or is that Rich) had some harsh words to say, all of which will get bounced by the profanity police in your servers, so cannot be expanded on – use your imagination. Needless to say the SF pulled himself towards himself to win comfortably in the 5th.

So another 16 point haul and we retired to the Brazen Head to be entertained by our gardening opponent over a couple of brown fizzy lemonades.

Match result : 16-4