11th LEAGUE vs Wendywood

We played Wendywood at home on Wednesday evening. We were scheduled to play away, but a quick thinking Wendywood team notified us of the impending power cuts that were scheduled for this week, and we arranged to rather play at the Chamber courts. After fielding a pretty strong team for the return match, we were convinced that we could take them down. And we nearly did.

Brennan lost 1-3 to a very "in form" Andrew.
Graeme came back from near defeat to win his game 3-2
Johan Carstens also took a win, his first of the season, 3-1
Greg didn't bring his A-game with him on the night, and went down 1-3 at position 4.

Having lost by 1 game, the final match result was 8-11 - a much improved performance by the 11th league team, but still not quite enough to take the win unfortunately.

Final result