7th League vs. Parkview

Quite a thrilling encounter with all matches going to 5 games.

First on Captain Loake against Chinese looking Ronald who won the knock up.

After lobbing and dropping Paul won the first two games quite easily,then changed the game plan to give him a chance. So loosing the next two managed to cruise home 9-7 in the 5th!.

Next on our import Michael Hunt. A nice exhibition of movement and squash prowess. Mike's opponent had no idea where the ball was ,or where it was going!!. (Chairmans comment – did Mike know?). Mike's supreme fitness and skill taking him to 5 games but succumbing in the 5th.

Then came our stalwart Manie against Graham Page with his wife looking on (she's quite nice.)Manie picked up everything Graham could throw at him including his wife.

But Loake came to the rescue with canny marking and making eye's at his wife whilst Graham was playing. 3 of the games went to 10-8 with Manie taking the 5th by the same score line.

Mr George Palmer on next knowing that he only has to win, or can lose 3-1. To lose 3-2 would be a points count.

The first two games were over before we could chat up Graham's wife!!.George's opponent could not retrieve the tight boast's and length's, George now 2 up.

But then he lost the plot, obviously wanting to put our math's to the test with a points count. Some how George managed to loose the next three games,to his inferior opponent, so we lost on points.....................Match lost 12-10.

Match score: 10-12