9th league vs. Modderfontein

Took the long and winding road to Modderfontein last night for 9th league.

Captain Fillmore thought he'd get clever and bolster his side with 8th league ringers cause half his side is away. So he ropes in Nic Papa and myself to the snot snivelers ranks. This morning he was still thinking deeply.

On first at no 1 goes first ringer Nic. But he did'nt last long I'm afraid. That's actually very polite --- he got stuck solid left, right and centre --- wham bang thank you mam. 3 duck down and that's about all we can say. All over in about the same time as the warm up took.

Next on at no 2 went Graham Vermaak. A regular snot sniveler who was indeed wiping away the snot with a heavy head cold. Despite the illness he nevertheless played a great game and looked strong throughout. Could have been anyone's game but he eventually succumbed 1 -- 3 in a fine overall effort.

So the stage is set for ringer no 2 Bowen at # 3. On I go against a fit looking youngster. First game over in two minutes 1 -- 9 down and I'm feeling and looking like Nic. And he's standing at in gallery smiling like a chesire cat. Next game was marginally better but still a bit of a routing. In the third I managed 7 points but was still well outplayed. So also 3 duck down and I'm thinking I cant wait to escape back to 8th League.

Last on is captain Pete who played a captains innings. Gave his elderly opponent no chance at all and wrapped it up in the same style as Nic and I lost. So at least some Exiles pride salvaged with a 3 -- 0 win.

And then off for some beverages before Petes final parting shot as we walk out the restaurant : "Next time I'll call in the bloody 10th league you %@+&($ " .

So an overall humiliation 4 -- 16 down but a pleasant evening anyway

Reply from one irate Digby

I can't believe it....................that's it...............we have stooped to the lowest of the lowest.

I have no doubt Mr R5000 a minute George Bowen that you were awaiting my return and forthwith my inevitable reaction to this absolute debacle.

This is indeed a grave situation...........in fact............a national disaster.....

I have read this pathetic story 4 times and still I see the unacceptable names of Papa and Bowen first of all having tried to upgrade themselves by representing the "esteemed Exiles 9th league" and secondly getting klapped.........not even 1 game by either of you for the "Gentlemen"

This is diabolical, and of such proportions that we will have to call our cappy in for a severe disciplinary offence of having selected ruffians from the so called 8th league.

Do you thugs realise that you LOST...................Any good citizen would resign and join Poffadder.

Of course you could 'buy' your way out of this...........we are open to bribery..even ol' boy Big G.

I have no doubt that we will only see you next year or even later...........as any half decent chappie would not want to be seen having disgraced the "superior 9th leaguers"

Match score:4-16