6ththLeague “B”(Battleground) vs Old Eds

On a cold and chilly evening Chamber B gathered for a “shootout”. Before continuing with that story there is a COTY nomination for Duncan – on arriving at the squash court he opened his squash bag to see his tennis racquet and no squash racquet. Luckily for him he had his spare squash racquet as well (maybe this is why he was so aggressive tonight).

No Phil tonight so on a no 2 the honourable captain against Jason. First game is a bit of a humdinger with me taking it 10-8 but it was in this first game that the fun started with the opponent questioning one or two balls that were up and the umpire calling let. Managed to lose the next 6-9, came back in the 3rd to win 9-5, was up in the 4th and after a hard battle lost it 7-9, Jason’s comment at this stage was that the fat boy was still running – well he had to do a lot more running and their were a few more tight calls with me eventually winning 9-7. Games 3-2

An hour later on goes Ryan at No1 against Tony – I think Ryan thought he had to make up some time so lost the first 1-9, things got marginally better in the second and Ryan lost 8-10 but that was the end of it 7-9 in the third. Phil please come back and we have sent Ryan on sabbatical to go and visit his psychologist. Games 0-3

Dirk entered the court at no 4 playing against Cecil. It seemed as if Dirk was starting slowly by carefully placing his shots in the corners causing his opponent to run a lot and play all his shots back into the middle of the court. Dirk must have received at least 8 stroke calls in his favour which frustrated the opponent, lucky it was Jason doing the marking. With great precision Dirk wrapped up the game in no time 9-5, 9-5 and 9-1. Games 3-0

The battle was about to begin, to be sure of a win we needed this match. If we lost 2-3 it would be a points countdown. At no 3 Duncan against Jeremy, Jeremy is a vet with all the vet tactics in the book. I think in the second point a let was asked for and it never stopped from there. At one point Jeremy asked for a let when Duncan hit it in the nick and Duncan let him know what he thought of the request (nicely of course). This led to Jeremy’s team-mates getting in on the act calling Duncan unsportsmanlike. I must admit this was not the first time that I had heard some choice language in the matches. Umpire tries to restore order and on we went. First game Duncan 9-3, Jeremy returning the favour in the second 3-9. Jeremy started the vet tactics taking ages between points while Duncan was trying the youth tactics of speeding up play. Third game to Duncan 9-5, at least we would not lose on games now. Jeremy held on to win the fourth 9-6. In the last Jeremy was out on his feet but continued retrieving everything, time between points lasted forever and the verbal chit chat never stopped – Duncan’s nerve and cool lasted and he won 9-5. Games 3-2

Match finished at 10-20pm and Chamber team unsociably chose not to stay for the midnight meal (will make up for it on the return)

Tip for the week – bring your squash racquet to squash and do not get involved in the jibe

Match result :12-7