4th B (DEFINITELY NOW IN NAME ONLY) vs Southern Suburbs

4B set off on a high to the far south after beating the A team last match.

Ron got there nice and early as his new beau only lives round the corner, he left the court nice and early as well having been demolished by his opponent.

Nick on next, in a good run of form and picking up some valuable tips from the “wrincklies” in the team and played nicely to win 3-1.

Next was Rich against RichardThis was a match of note with Rich leading 2-1 and looking comfortable, but the Suburbs Richard is renowned for never giving up and he won the 4th and narrowly took the 5th 15-13

That left the Silver Fox to play Paul the Plumber to decide the night. Having embarrassed him a few years ago, P the P was psyched up to win and never let the Fox in with a chance. Down 0-3.

Having refused all beers after the match Ron then decided to drown his sorrows by falling into a drain walking back to the car. Nick was left astounded when one minute he was talking to Ron and the next he’d disappeared. Should he laugh or cry. Luckily Ron had done no serious damage, except to his pride, and the ditch was dry anyway - a bad night all round.

Ginos food though was as good as ever.

Overall result: Lost  5- 13