9th League vs. Dainfern

Die winter koue le nou diep in die been. En n lys van 7 reserwes  help nie veel as die binne kring span sick lame en lazy is nie. Maar die motivator doen sy ding en dis nie lank nie en vier wakker Spartans is honger vir daardie physio’s wat belowe is. Nou ewe skielik is Chuck Norris se naam eerste op die lys, die Porra laat nie op hom wag nie en die pony tail Boertjie vra net directions na Dainfern. Waar sit hulle breins – aag ons weet mos.
Translated it says - The good old captain had no problem getting his team together for the game against Dainfern.

First game, number 4.
Chris is up against the self nominated BEE candidate for the opposition. After 15 minutes of strapping up his injured ankle and looking like his team mate Vince, (full of straps that is) he was ready for the game. Slooowly and moving carefully on the court Chris had Courtney guessing. It worked and zip zap and three love to Chambers.
Number 3.
Andy had a busy training schedule in the last two weeks – playing his brother Peter le Roux once, but proudly announced that he was the victorious one.  So the dreaded thing happened to the unfit Andy, after four hard working games the score was 2 each. Still thinking of the promised physio’s, Andy knew where his loyalty lies and he dearly wanted a win in the final. But he did not do justice to himself and the mind and will was there but the legs still back in UK.
Chambers down 3-2
Number 2.
Leslie was quite chuffed at playing number two, totally convinced that he’s not up to it. And a battle it was, hanging in there but after the first two games Leslie was 2 games down. Maar daai Porra kan himself motiveer jong. Seker ook die beloftes van die Physio’s.  Luscious I tell you, according to the pic’s, juicy like a Portuguese chicken thighs. Back to the game, now Leslie is a PT himself and poor Thomas hit a brick wall, he tried drops and boasts to get the ball away from his opponent. But Leslie was everywhere, from the right hand front tin to the left back corner retrieving lobs. And soon it was 2 games each. Both players was by this time knackered, even on this cold winters night, sweat was everywhere.  Thomas did everything out of the book, really good calculated shots, but to no avail. The Porra won.
Chamber up 3-2
Number 1
The opponent team lost interest by this time, the Heinekens’ had better attraction.  But the Spartans stood by their man and cheered him on. Kobus had to work for it and Jehiel was hitting hard, especially the serves. Kobus had a strategic serve return shot (which never worked) but tried it in any way. The games went ping pong until the fifth. As usual the pony tailed Boertjie corrected the empire from the court just to air his views. Kobus played well and the back hand wall shots was excellent.  A tired Kobus walked victorious off the court (again promised to stop smoking)
Chambers 3-2 up.

A great 3-1 victory for the 9th titanic Spartans
Well done team !!

Overall result: Won  14 - 7