8th League vs. Edenvale

We hosted Edenvale last night and another emphatic win for our team, winning 3 games and bagging 14 points. This is what happened:

First on was Peter le Roux given a generous draw at No 3. Starting slowly and paid the price by losing the first game. Although it must be said that his opponent played a few good boasts to sneak in and win it. But from game two onwards it was fairly plane sailing for Peter as he cruised to a 3-1 win.

Next on at No 4 was George Bowen, for the Laurel and Hardy show. He blitzed through the first two games without working up a sweat. Fell asleep (bored) in the 3rd but came back strongly in the 4th. No contest, another easy 3-1 win for George, unbeaten this season as he pursues the MVP title.

Stratford on next, playing at No 2. The first two games were closely contested with each winning a game. Stratford got his nose ahead in the 3rd and hung on to take the 4th for another 3-1 win for the team. Also unbeaten this season….

Finally at No 1, Captain Pete Fillmore, up against a tough Sri Lankan opponent who frustrated him in the first two games. The bounce of the ball and luck was clearly against Pete. But he hung in there and managed to pressurise his opponent with some tight squash in the 3rd and 4th to claw back to 2-2. Unfortunately the fifth started badly and Pete fell behind never to regain the ascendency, losing 2-3 in a ding-dong battle.

We retreated to Doppio’s for a pizza and a beer with our opponents, who were very gracious in defeat.

Overall result: Won 14 - 6