6th A vs 6B

The big match had arrived experience against youth – we knew this was going to be tough when Mark insisted on playing George (still struggling to wonder why and I suppose Mark is wondering why post the match) and we had George to play Louis. To make it fair we each put down names and positions and then played in that order (they guessed our positions better than we guessed theirs)

•     BigG against Mark – BigG warmed up properly by giving the first to Mark. Then showed Mark how to move around the court and took the next 2 games. George on top in the 4th and a huge stroke call against George for standing in the middle of the court and driving the ball down the wall which Mark could not reach. This turned events and Mark one the game. At this stage Mark assumed he was home and dry while BigG put on the pressure to take the game. 3-2 to the good guys.

•     At the same time young Louis (ex team member) against GavinG. Managed to take the first (but it was tight), it was the second that wore me out somewhat 20-18. I now needed to get my breath back but Louis was having none of that and he piled on the pressure running at everything and taking the next two games. Played Louis enough times to know that he had to be slowed down and then he started the errors (thank goodness) and I managed the game. 3-2 to the good guys.

•     Jacques on against Bruce – Jacques cruised in the 1st game and it seemed as if it was all over. Jacques then decided that since he has not played for such a long time he was going to get his money worth and gave the next two games to Bruce. Not sure what happened afterwards as I am sure we took another game before Bruce took the final which would have made the score 3-2 but 3-1 is what our opponents insist on. 3-1 to the bad guys

•     GavinB on last against Nigel. Again GavinB took the first and we thought great 3 matches to one, Nigel was thinking otherwise. Gavin had heard that Nigel had chosen him as his opponent as this was a guaranteed win, he did not want to disappoint Nigel so gave him the next two games. The same happened in this rubber I am sure that GavinB got another game but our young opponents insisted that it was 3-1 and not 3-2. 3-1 to the bad guys

Well that was it for the evening 2 matchs each but the games going to the youngsters (sure there should be a COTY nomination for missing the 2 games which would have given the A team an additional 2 points) – Revenge will be sweet just as it was last year.

Overall result: Lost 8 - 12