8th League vs. Wendywood

Another win and double digit score, albeit the lowest of the season to date!

We played the Wendywood second side that could easily beat the Wendywood first side. Mike @ #4 on first after the opponents arrived late, Indian time. The oke made too many mistakes (obviously pressure from Mike) and a relatively easy win saving 4 game points in the process. 3-0 up.

Peter LR @ #3 had a good battle. He played a little loose at times and saved a couple of match points for a much needed, good win 3-2. Quote “my hardest match of the season.”

Stratford @ #2 started on an adjacent court and lost the first, levelled the second against a sunshade, bespectacled oriental. Francis’ training paying dividends but alas it was not to last. Stratford could not get a rhythm going and lost the next 2 to loose 3-1.

Not a good sign as Nick @ #1 needed 2 games to secure the match as we were on the wrong end of a points count out.
He won the first, lost the second, oops. A swift team talk followed that consisted of “you have to win the next game” and “always stay in front points wise”!  Nick listened and acted, saving a couple of game points to win the third and secure the match, and thus maintain the team’s unbeaten record. Unfortunately the next two were not in Nick’s favour and he lost 3-2, yet again!

The opposition did provide us with bevies, limited choice, but did not join us for a meal, so Peter LR, Nick and Mike went to The Baron and scoffed a mighty, meat curry pie. Our stand in Captain, Peter LR, will be having a word with the Captain Peter F about the absence of certain team members at meal time. This is the second time for such an occurrence and hopefully a hat trick will not be forthcoming. Nothing that a subtle whisper in the ear could address.

Squash Tip of the Week

Squash is 80% down the wall and 20% other shots.

Overall result: Won 11 - 8