6th A vs Pirates

Our esteemed substitute (the chairman) and I were at Chambers waiting patiently for the Pirates players to arrive – oh shucks the schedule is wrong and we are playing at Pirates, one or two calls and all the players on their way to Pirates. As I stuck my head in the window at Pirates I heard one of their players say it’s now 7 o clock and I am going for a beer and we take the match. Unfortunately not I said as we are all here. They also had a bit of a shambles as Ging gave them late notice and they had no number 4 player.
  • On first GG against Les – first two games close 12-15, 12-15 then woke up and Les started getting tired won the next 3  - 3-2 to the good guys
  • On second our substitute (silver fox) – welcome to no 1 in the sixth league; 14-16 and 13-15 down in the first two. Some magic was required and the fox through his racquet into the air after losing the second and the racquet came down squarely on his head (this was the magic). Next two games were as tough as ever and the fox had a few match points against him but managed to win 17-15 and 17-15. This took the stuffing out his opponent and the last was 15-8. A great win with plenty of character. 3-2 to the good guys
  • Next GBow against Mike. Gavin was playing well and Mike never really pitched on the night – a quick 15-10, 15-6, 15-7  - another 3-2 for the good guys
  • On last BigG – was worried about his fitness but with beer in hand he managed a quick 3-0 (for the good guys).

At last a 16 pointer – 16-4

Overall result: Won 16 - 4