10th league vs. Old Eds 10th league vs. Old Eds 10th league vs. Old Eds

Despite the slight chill on the courts last night, the scene was set for a fiery match. Our No.1 was out of action and Old Eds are just below us in the log with a game in hand. And how did we respond to our critics? ………... with another spectacular win …. 16-2. Pity about the ‘2’ but in the bigger scheme of things we will forgive Phil N and Paul for using the first game of their matches for warm-up practice. Paul found his form and confidence in the last three games and played his best squash of the season to shatter his opponent. Phil P had a comfortable win (or does he just make it look comfortable?), having decided not to give the first two games away for a change. Dylan and his opponent decided that the evening would be finished far too early unless they played some extended rallies. This tactic played into Dylan’s hands and his speed and guile got the better of his opponent in most of these rallies. Phil N decided to lull his opponent into a false sense of security by giving him the first game 9-2. He then proceeded, as only Phil can, to psychologically destroy his opponent by retrieving each and every winner played, from all four (or was it eight) corners of the court. The result was inevitable, with Phil doing all the running and his opponent left exhausted and beaten. Great win – well done again lads. Will all the 10th League critics please sit down.

  1. Phil N 3-1
  2. Dylan 3-0
  3. Phil P 3-0
  4. Paul 3-1

Match result 16-2.

PS 10th vs 9B on 20 June : Phil N (2-3), Paul (3-1). Overall result (5-4)!!

Match result: 16 – 2,