8th League v Jeppe

The 8th league boys (top of the logs) went up against Dainfern (haven’t lost this season) this week. When I arrived, Stuart was being finished off by his opponent, 3-0. Not a good start. Then on went Andy. He lost to a girl again. 3-0, although she is a first league ladies player. Still not looking good for us. Then on went Jacques who was unlucky to lose the first two 10-8 and 10-9, won the third and lost the 4th 9-7. A closer game than the 3-1 score line suggests. Then Duncan beat the lady’s husband 3-0. At one point they offered to send on his 12 year old daughter, but I wasn’t having any of it, especially after what happened to Andy. A good evening at Dainfern with a roaring fire and great curry and lasagne. However, we dropped 8 points to our main competitors in this league, so we’ll have to pull out all the stops now.

Match result: 4-12.