9th League A vs. Old Parks

Snow on the roof, snow in the car park, snow on the ball, even snow on Des Crossman's head ......was cold in the old ice chamber to be sure.

Vs Old Parks at home last night.

Doc Fallon kicked off first at no 4 and romped home 3 -- 0 in a no contest affair which all in all took maybe 10 minutes. 27 -- 10 to be exact.

I went next at no 3 and this time it only took about 5 minutes to wrap up. 3-- 0 and 27 -- 4. Felt guilty about using the council's hot water in the shower and only did so to ward off the snow.

Mark Van N at no 1 however didn't have it quite so easy. Won the first and then lost sight of the ball in the blizzard and ended up going down 1 -- 3.

Last at # 2 went Bruce B who had the pleasure of entertaining a ladies 1st leaguer. Very good player we observed. But Bruce was having none of it and finished it off without to much difficulty 3 -- 0.

So 13 -- 3 overall and still on a roll.

COTY award goes to Des Crossman playing next door for improving his looks and playing ---- wait for it --- with his beany on his head !!