9th League B vs. Wanderers

"We are marching to ................... no not Pretoria - league champs".

Anyway first up was "our man" Graham Vermaak (GV) - nothing to report - same old, same old - got whipped 0 - 3. GV, the poisonous pen has run out of expletives to use - you have been given a hiding from all and sundry, and sundry includes 'pensioner' Mike Hunt with his walking stick. What next?

Well on at the same time was "ek" - back in the thick of things - but, not quite at my best, after a 'life threatening' injury. The youngster ran me around. I had a chance to take it to the fifth by being up 8 - 3 in the fourth, but ran out of steam and he pipped me 3 - 1. Not bad after being at "death's door".

Well 9B is made of "good strong" material - can't say the same about the poofters from 9A. We are in trouble 1 - 6 down, but never fear when the men are near!!!!!

On next was 'cappy' Pete Fillmore who played a captains innings and whipped his oppo. 3 - 0 - well played Pete - easy game this game.

On at the same time was 'ol toppie 'Big G' - Gavin Martin - man is he old, bent and buckled. But let it be said, not all stupid, as he used 'ol bullet tactics with not much energy being utilised - and dished out a hiding of note 3 - 0. Well done 'ol boy.

So we ended up smashing them 9 - 6.

#1 Graham Vermaak lost 0 - 3

#2 Pete Fillmore won 3 - 0

#3 Digby Chapman lost 1 - 3

#4 Gavin Martin won 3 - 0

Match result 9-6