10th league vs. Old Eds

After the euphoric wins of the past two weeks it was inevitable that we would come down to earth eventually. Wits University decided it was their night last night and they took us in all four matches. Not that we didn’t put up a fight. Dylan played a marathon to come back from 2 down but was squeezed out 10-8 in the fifth after more than an hour of play. Phil N, playing No.1, felt that the final result (0-3) didn’t reflect the closeness of the game. I didn’t see the game so I can’t comment ….. . Phil P took a 2-1 lead from 1 down before his opponent stepped up a gear and took Phil to the cleaners in the last two games. That left Paul to salvage our dignity in the final match but alas, despite Paul’s hard work, formidable forehand and total commitment, Wits took this one too. Not the result we wanted but ……… watch this space.

  1. Phil N 0-3
  2. Dylan 2-3
  3. Phil P 2-3
  4. Paul 1-3

Match result: 516,