12th LEAGUE vs Edenvale

No 1 - Brian. Was vicious in his execution of the eyebrow and ear studded opponent taking a very short time to whack him 3/zip. (9/0; 9/0 and 9/4). We were rather annoyed that he gave the boy four points!

No 2 - Des. Playing (without Sharks beanie but with fleece in first game) as usual in his relaxed and casual mode easily took the fist game 9/4; arsed about in the second - got a fright and then took it 10/8. In true Crossman fashion then got serious and was clinical in taking the third game 9/0.

No 3 - Paddy. Still full of British pork pies and Italian piazza's after his (yet another one) overseas trip, looked like a pork pie on the court and waddled around the court getting in the way. Lost the first game 0/9, took the second 9/1 and then the pies and pizza's bit back and he lost the next two 9/5 each. Played a ladies 1st league import we suspect!

No 4 - Bob. Dear, dear, what a debacle. He came expecting to play squash but ended up playing ping-pong with a very round lady who did very little running and tipped everything into the front corner. Only two rallies beyond serve, return, kill in the entire match. In fact the ball was still ice cold at the end of the five setter! Lost 8/9 in the fifth after calling "one" at 8/8. Points for 34; points against 34!! Very frustrating.


The only real complaint of the evening was the noise from the adjacent court where George Bowen and his merry men were doing battle in a 9th league match

Final result won 11 - 6