10th LEAGUE vs Edenvale 06

On first at No 3 – Keith – Had two quick easy games to go 2- zip up as their first “ringer”, Murray, got rid of the cobwebs in his joints after not having played squash for some time (I think in 2nd or 3rdleague!) and looked set to cruise home. But, Dear Reader, the “ringer” then got back into rhythm and poor old Keith went to pieces and lost the next three games. Amazing! How many times do we see this happen on a squash court?

Next up at No 1 – Brian – Playing a good youngster, Michael, a regular in their team, but who was a little nervous. Brian, in true Swiegs fashion took no prisoners and whipped him 3-0.

On third at position No 2 was Des. Also playing a “ringer”, Jason, who hadn’t been on a court for some time, Des had one of those “on” nights where he conscentrated on the task ahead and used his “powerplay” method in which he blasted his unfit opponent off the court to win comfortably 3-0.

Playing last at the difficult spot of No4 – Bob. Playing one of the regulars in this Edenvale team, Quintin, who he has played a number of times before and never lost to, had a fairly easy night and cruised to a 3-0 win.

Their Capitan, Colin, had flu so didn’t play but did mark all the games. Nice guy.

RESULT -  WON – 14 -3.

Had a pleasant dinner at Eira Moura and good banter (pity not barter) with Olga, the imported Russian waitress.....