9th LEAGUE vs Wendywood

We came second against them in the first round. But as the Boertjies ( and some Ingelsmanne in between) are made of true grit (kortbroeke en v-nek suntans) this mishap is not going to happen again. We will fight them in the trenches, we will fight them in ------- aaaag whatever.
So we were ready in that cold fridge of a home club, to do battle.

Player 1 at position 1.
Chambers – Anthony   = 1  vs   Wendywood –  Pankaj   = 3
As every week, Anthony had to warm up first and that cost him the first game. The second game was him playing his better shots, down the wall, some well placed boasts and using his lank body to outstretch the smaller and shorter opponent.  One game each.
O ja, by the way, we  better not say or write any bad stuff about the opponents, we were informed by the Wendywood bunch that they like the clubs website (a lot) and they also read the match reports.
So, the very nice, stocky but well built and of orient origin, Pankaj did not like the aggressive retaliation. With the prowess of an Indian Bangle (Bengal) tiger, he stalked, manoeuvred and with hard hitting shots down the wall he had Anthony at a loss. And that was also the outcome for us, first game down.      

Player 2 at position 2
Chambers –  Chris       = 0  vs   Wendywood --  James   = 3
Complaining about the cold courts, James was warming up furiously.  And with the same warming up temperament, he was like a demon possessed when the game began. His poor opponent, although fighting back, had no answers. A fair and square loss for Chambers.   

Player 3 at position 3
Chambers --  Kobus     = 3  vs   Wendywood --  Steve    = 0
Now, this Boertjie takes no prisoners. Steve although he claims he last played ten years ago, was no slouch,  he knew how to hit the ball. But Kobus gave him no chance. Up and down, criss cross and all over the court was too much for Steve.  He tried in the third but Kobus (the Boertjie with the sixties pony tail) toyed with him, gave him 12 points and then concluded with a win.  Lekker Kobus !!!!!.

Player 4 at position 4
Chambers -- Roger       = 3   vs   Wendywood  -- Bhavesh = 1
Roger still had Vancouver and Canada in his legs. He says it is summer there but still colder that our (cold) winter.  So with that frame of mind he lost in the first – of course. Talked himself into losing. But the second was a different kettle of fish, Roger started believing in himself.  Take that on the nose you Wendywoodian, I can move and I can play the shots, he said to himself. Brother Pankaj came over to support Bhavesj and to advise and coach his ‘brother’ but to no avail. Roger the rocket was on the move. Wham bam thank you Wendywood, come back next year. Not bad for a soutie, the good captain will keep him in the team.

End result is          - Chamber =2 vs Wendywood  = 2

Now that is a dilemma, and it was down to the count ------------------------------------------breathless moments, cel phone calculators and bribery on the side.
And the outcome ----------------------------------------Chambers WON by points. .
Were you worried ??? not me, I believe in the Boertjies and Souties 9thleague team
Thanks all.

Overall result: Won 9 - 7