4th League vs Old Eds

Linda,Shannon- vs. Chris,van Heeswijk-
 Not much to be said about this match, other than that I was soundly beaten by a better woman. It’s definitely in the Plumstead genes.
15-11 15-8 15-6

Glenn,Lazarus- vs. Andrew,McKeaveney-
 Returning from an extended trip to the USA, Andrew came up against an in form Glenn. Too many mistakes in the first, and despite being ahead in the second, could not finish, and eventually lost the second out of sheer frustration with a “freshie”. Tried hard in the third, but was just too loose and made too many errors.
            15-7 19-17 15-11      

Dave,Peacock- vs. Quentin Brett,Tomaselli-
 Playing last, Dave had to win 3-0 for a points count, so no pressure!! Won the first two comfortably, and looked to be in command in the third, but Quentin had other ideas (assisted by a dodgy let which should have been a stroke) and he finally won the match for Old Eds by winning that game 16-14. The fourth was comfortable for Dave who kept up his excellent record this year of just one loss.
15-8 15-9 14-16 15-8

John,Shannon- vs. Dave,Lazer-
 On first, and having agreed to fill in nursing a sore back (after a last minute shuffle caused by a 1st league player with a sore back!!) John, Chairman’my’chairman was just too tricky for Dave Laser with his lobs and other tricky shots. Comfortable 3-0 win to get the team off to a great start.
15-5 15-6 15-11

Match Result 6-9, although we won on points 151-147!! Retired to Dopio Zero for pizza’s

Overall result: Lost 6 - 9