6th League B vs Chamber A

Some comfortable wins over our less fancied “A” side during the last 2 years have proved dangerous and a sense of complacency has crept in. It’s clear that the senior Wrinklies team has been hurt by the trend and they sent a battle call out to the old age homes and bingo halls to cobble together a team clearly focused (with rheumy, cataritic eyes) on salvaging the remnants of pride and dignity. So, a chilly Chamber reception saw the skirmish begin.

Early game had Gerhard vs Nigel with age winning over vigour. There wasn’t much to be done against an on-form Gerhard who was dropping in Haywardesque fashion. Nigel not really in this game except for short lived surge of brilliance in the 3rd game. Lost 1-3.

Mark arrived next and was quick to take the court in a self-appointed 4th position against a resurgent Manie. Only wrists the size of tree trunk could explain the flick/drives that Manie achieved. These saw the ball disappear from the front of the court and simultaneously reappear at the back. Tough one for Mark and he had little chance. Lost 0-3.

Then it was onto the epic match of the evening – Bruce, claiming he was rusty after avoiding the courts in favour of Comrades training, was slotted in to play against Gavin. And a rusty opening game had Gavin closing out the first game without much fuss. But this gave Bruce a chance to warm up and he went into the next two games firing. Chasing down everything in sight – way past the point where a reasonable bloke would have given up. So it was Bruce 2-1 up when Gavin staged a comeback of his own, using wiliness, cunning and sneak to gain an entertaining win for the gallery. Well, his side of the gallery anyway. Lost 2-3.

Speaking of deviousness, cunning and artful guile, the next match was between Brennan and Stu. It followed the same pattern as the preceding Bruce/Gavin saga with Stu taking the first, Brennan the next two and then a comeback by Stu. Despite heroic efforts by Brennan, Stu managed to avoid several heart attacks and keep moving long enough to gain a 3-2 victory.

The only match which went the right way was the ‘friendly’ between Lyal and Louie. Lyal has made a recovery from his Vespa enforced absence and pipped Louie. We then had to put up with the victory cries of the “A” team while scoffing Doppio fare. We’ll have to wait til next year for the rematch.

Overall result: Lost 5 - 16