6th League B

6th League B vs UJ

Phil vs Jamie playing at number 4
A slightly more skilled opponent with a spot more energy. After a 1 all warm up the third was a marathon of note. 17 -19 to UJ. Great to watch. His opponent was very friendly with the grid iron tin but not enough to make it an easy game. After some interesting rally's it appears as though the game was thrown. Phil took the 4th. It appears as though the last game became the game to win. Phil came back from an unbelievable  9 match points 6 - 14 to lose 15 – 17.

Mark started strong with some long rally's but his opponents took the first 13- 15. Mark came back strong in the second to take it 15 - 7 And continued the trend through to the third to win 3-1

Brennan played a lazy player, who had great drops but coil not get to any of Brennan's drops.  Brennan won 3-2

Bruce played what seems like a 3rd league player who played provincials. As hard as he tried he went down 0-3

Went down to games but UJ took it by one game.

Overall result: Lost 8 – 11

6th League B vs Suburbs

Last time SS got the better of us in some tight games, but at least we got some chicken out of it. This time there would be no chicken, but it remained to be seen whether we could turn the tide.

Bruce vs Dilin: a game worthy of the number 1 billing. Two runners who weren’t going to give any quarter. They warmed up the Chamber courts with friction alone. They both had shaven heads – one suspects to combat wind resistance – and all one saw was the glint of neon on porcelain. Bruce looked a bit rusty going down in the first, but cruised back in the second. Was in front in the third, but was pipped after seeing through some fantastic rallies. All the running took its toll and Bruce looked a bit peaked in the fourth and final. Entertaining despite the 1-3 loss.

Phil vs Ockie: Phil started with fire in his eyes and thunder in his swing. Poetic yes, but so was his first game and he cleaned up. Second game was a bit of a reversal and Ockie controlled it  start to finish. Third game was appropriately close, but went in the right direction and Phil emerged with more points. Phil was pumped in the fourth so it was down to the last. Alas, Ockie was on supreme form to take the match. Lost 2-3 pressure on…

Lyal vs : The good Dr White took a leaf out his medical colleagues’ book and was surgical in his squash. Some smart squash was played to put him 2 games up. Would he continue and finish clinically to give us a shot at victory, or would he be anaesthetised by the oppo? Nope, the doctor closed it out – diagnosis: jolly good. Won 3-0.

Brennan vs : I didn’t get to see this game, but judging by the scoreline, the first three were veritable hum-dingers with Brennan trailing 1-2. Then he pushed the fitness button and came through strongly for the team to score a famous victory. Won 3-2.

This gave the team a win by 1 game over the log leaders. Sterling stuff.

Overall result: Won 11 - 8