10th LEAGUE vs Old Eds

  1. Brian played Wesley. Close 1st game with Brian going down 13/15. B took the 2ndconvincingly 15/10. The pace was telling and B went down 9/15 in the3rd. The 4th was a real humdinger with B eventually going down 16/18. Brian was really tired after that one and told us very confidentially that it is just as well he went down in the 4th as he probably would not have made a 5th game……. 1-3
  2. Keith played Gary still nursing a bit of ‘flu and was never really in the game getting 9, 4 and 2 points. 0-3  
  3. Johan played Craig and struggled to get 7 points in the 1st and 9 in the 2nd. In the 3rd J got lucky and went up 15/13. The 4th game was close but J lost 12/15. 1-3
  4. Des played Kevin and in a close 1st game went down 14/16. D took revenge in the 2nd and went up 15/11! In the 3rd D lost the plot and only got 4 points. D made a brave comeback in the 4th but lost 10/15. 1-3

In true 10th league team spirit John and Bob were there to support AND played each other! And Paddy would have been there if he could but had some valid excuse or the other……….

We had a few slices of good pizza for dinner complements of Alberton

Match Result 3-16 Ouch

Overall result: Lost 3 - 16