7th B League

7th B League vs. Modderfontein

Nick lost 2-3
David lost 0-3
Stratford won 3-1
Vince won 3-2

Overall result: Lost 8 – 11

7th B League vs. Wits

First up Nick against a youngster he had beaten 3-0 in the first round. He started badly going down 2-0 but changed tactics and pulled back to 2 all but in the 5th he could not contain his opponent and lost 2-3.
Next up Peter F just back from injury and a hike in the KNP with Mike Hunt where plenty of drinking and eating (especially potatoes) was done and whilst he kept up with his opponent to 10 all in the 3 games he could not finish off and lost 0-3.
Dave the only winner of the night went up 2-0 and then tried hard to lose the match but to his surprise he won the 5th and the match 3-2.
Last up Vince who came up against a strong opponent but Vince had the game to outfox him which he nearly did in the first game but lost 18-16, won the 2nd and again nearly took the 3rd but was out powered in the 4th.

Overall result: Lost 6 - 14