9th LEAGUE vs Wanderers

 If anybody saw some ossewa wheels laying around, please let me know, because the wheels come off for the three Boertjies and an Englishman team against Wanderers club.There we were, well rested after the break and some even played in the Lower league tournament during the break. Just to be on the cutting edge.Ready for the war against the English to the north side of Joburg we were, the uppity Wanderers in their fancy panzy club, more lights burning than what Escom can produce in a year. Boere oorlog van voor af, we are going to trap them !!!!But no, stop die bus. Full stop. Bad, bad performance. A teeny weeny support in terms of ---   they tried.  But that’s were it ended. Results, with no need to elaborate, were. Chambers    = 0Wanderers   = 4 Report regrettably written by Chris Ps. The Captain was the only player that scored one winning game. Small mercy !!Overall result: Won 1 - 16