2nd LEAGUE vs Dainfern

At 6 pm we found out we had no number 1 – he was needed in first league. So we all moved up one position and gave a walk over at number 4.
Captain Willem played a fantastic match at 1, almost beating Andrew Tricker.

Willem: 2-3
Gary: 1-3
Robbie: 0-3

Overall result: Lost 3 - 16

 2nd LEAGUE vs UJ

We played away. First half we lost 14-3 (Only Willem winning). This time Willem played great squash and beat the same guy 3-0.
Also this time they had twin girls in their team – one played Stan and one played Gary. Robbie got clubbed by Heston.

Stan: 3-0
Willem: 3-0
Gary: 2-3
Robbie: 0-3

Overall result: Won 10 - 6