10th league vs. Randburg

Earlier in the season Randburg extracted a rare tie against us by taking the final match 27-2. Although keen to avoid a repeat, we started on the back foot by being without our No 1 and No 2. No problem for the under-rated 10th league side …. 3-0, 3-0, 3-0 inside the first hour! The only player who met any resistance was poor Dylan. The Randburg No 1, who ensured they tied last time, is clearly not your average 10th league player. Despite Dylan playing to his usual energetic high standards he went down 0-3, but he played well enough to get 5 points in the match. Well played again lads and thank you to Naren for filling in for us. Now where are those 9B players hiding ……….?

  1. Dylan 0-3
  2. Naren 3-0
  3. Phil P 3-0
  4. Paul 3-0

Match result: 123, to the good guys