8th League v Bryanston

Good evening for Chamber 8th league. Up against Bryanston. Andy on first and he used all the old tricks to win relatively easily 3-1, although he did stumble in the third. Then on went George. He won the first 10-9 after being 7-2 down, then lost the second 1-9. Won the third 9-7, lost the fourth 7-9. George was looking tired and his unbeaten record looked vulnerable. So he was quite chuffed to take the last 9-7 (although it has to be said that his opponent was 7-2 up when George got him to pull a hammy). No comments on the scorecard and George is still unbeaten!

Then Manie went on against his squash twin. Same backhand, same style, same everything. Unfortunately Manie went down 3-0 although the game was closer than the scoreline suggests.

Then on went Duncan against a rather talkative opponent. Things were in the balance for a while, losing the second 9-4 and winning the third narrowly 10-8 and the last 9-7. Didn’t have any legs left so it was a good thing it didn’t go to the fifth.

So Chamber up 12-7.

Match result: 12-7