9th League A vs Modderfontein

12 out of 12 wins. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get the other side – wrong.

Once we found the courts, weaved our way through the internal labyrinth, watched Nick loose the first match of the night paving the way for the rest of us having to win (which we did), we were royally entertained at a restaurant in Edenvale dining on Κλήφτικο. We wish Nick (be careful of Shirley Valentine) and his family a great Greek sojourn and would be pleased if he could keep fit or even better get fitter as it was his leg division, not the middle one, that let him down for the loss after being 7-2 up in the fifth. Our captain spent little time in whizzing past his opponent and Michael struggled to maintain his 100% record by leaving it to the fifth to take the rubber. Bruce, our marathon man, training for the Moscow marathon, kept running and running and delivered a clinical performance after being down 8-2 in the first.

Squash Commentary of the Week

Back to the question which prompted the following answer from Mugabe “Stop that chicken! It must be repossessed together with the farm it belongs to; and the farm opposite the road where it was going to; and all the chickens on both farms. Repossess it all and it's nobody's business what I do in my country. It is the British's fault for bringing chickens here anyway

#1: Nick played Paul 2-3: 9-2, 6-9, 1-9, 9-6, 7-9

#2: Bruce played Sean 3-0: 10-9, 9-5, 9-1

#3: Michael played Vaughn 3-2: 4-9, 9-4, 9-2, 1-9, 9-5

#4: George played Piet 3-0: 9-5, 9-3, 9-1

Match score: 14-5

Erratum. In last week’s report the match score should have read 14-4 not 14-3. The sports writer takes no responsibility for the error and despite Chamber B desperately needing the points, it is unlikely to help them but might make them feel better about the thrashing and trouncing and hiding and defeat they received

Well done to all of us for achieving some sort of a modern day Chamber Exiles record - 12 out of 12 wins!!

Message from Nick Papa

Well done to all of us for achieving some sort of a modern day Chamber Exiles record - 12 out of 12 wins!!

I hope we can continue to win in my absence - I can only try and keep fit on a diet of feta cheese, olives and ouzo (and Shirley......).

Michael - well done on your spelling of Kleftiko in Greek. You just need some further instruction on the difference between an "ipsilon" and an "epsilon". This will sort out your Greek dyslexia?!

I'm hoping that by the time I get back in September, the league title will be ours and that I won't have to unnecessarily sacrifice myself at #1 again.

Cheers to you all - I will be thinking of you every Wednesday night, with a (ouzo) tear in my eye and Greek delicacy nearby!