8th League v Old Eds

Chamber vs Old Eds. The mighty haven’t quite fallen yet, but we’re teetering on the edge. Nice warm courts suited Duncan who went on first at 1 and won 3-0 after a close first game. Stuart on next who went down 3-0 after losing the first two 9-7 and 10-8. Next was Manie at 3, who was unfortunately also beaten 3-0 after a close first game. So that was the match. Last on was Andy who came up against the best player in the team. The warm courts didn’t suit Andy who managed to take a game against a player who had already played a 5th league game that night (he was apparently filling in and normally plays 8th)!

So, no luck for us, 12-4 down after beating them 13-3 last time.

Match result: 4-12