9th League B vs. Chamber A (Postponed match)

Firstly congratulations must go to the Chamber A side in the 9th league who thumped us 3-1 as follows:-

Graham Vermaak won 3-2 against Mark van Niekerk, an outstanding game and reflects the high quality of squash at Chambers.

Peter Fillmore lost 0-3 to Paul Fallon, Fillmore was victim of the strained calf muscle that has hit our players 4 times this season and had to retire hurt in the 2nd game.

Peter Le Roux lost 0-3 to Bruce Bydawell, Peter had the beating of Bruce but not the fitness to do it.

Gavin Martin lost to Mike Hunt, Gavin was flummoxed by Mike’s game until the 3rd but was able to take the 4th game losing 10-8.

Overall result 4-14

Well done to George’s side who should go on to win the league.

9th League B vs. Edenvale

The second result was again a lost to Edenvale. It was 2 all in matches but we lost in the number of games won.

Graham Vermaak won 3-1

Peter Fillmore lost 0-3

Peter Le Roux lost 1-3

Gavin Martin won 3-1

Overall result 7-10

Match score: 7-10