5th LEAGUE vs Parkview

5th league played at home against Parkview.

Jeff moved up to 4th (not that he got a game since Germiston could not raise a full side) and our Captain used his prerogative to sit out after a tough Masters tournament in Nelspruit. Sorry for Chris and Dave who also went to the tournament. So a much depleted side to start with. Dave went on first against Chris Grainger and after a slow start (Nelspruit!!) losing the first game 8-10 went on to win quite comfortably 3-1. Chris went to five AGAIN winning 9-7 in the fifth against Kuben Naidoo (35 points each). Where does he find the energy to want to force it to five almost every week? Thankfully a blood sample has not been requested by the opposition! Fergus hung in against the running "smarty gobbler" Alex to win in 5. Then came Rin Tin Tin Ryan. Only winning one point in the first two games!! We had to take him aside and explain that although it sounds good smashing the tin, for some reason the marker does not award points for good sound. Ryan then clawed one back to eventually go down to the good fetch Riaan. Final result a win 3-1 in games and 13-8 points.

Match Result: 13-8