12th LEAGUE vs UJ

No1- Geoff, not yet match fit after his lay-off having surgery to his right eye. Not too sure the doctor put the correct one back as Geoff spent the night (actually only about 15 minutes) hitting the wrong ball while the match ball whizzed past him! Lost 0/3 scoring only 5 points in the three games.

No2- Brian, put up a better fight but was out-played by a very neat young player. Also went down 0/3 but did score 20 points. At a point in the second game he was up 8/6 but failed to close the game.

No3- Paddy, did not look comfortable at all also going down 0/3.

No4- Bob, with the team crashing around him he picked up the glove and headed out to salvage some pride. Tough match. Took the first 10/8, the second comfortably 9/0, in the third lost his way a bit and went down 6/9 but fought back bravely to take the fourth game 10/8. Good win to avert a 16 pointer against.

Final result lost 3-12