10th league vs. Southern Suburbs

After narrowly losing to Suburbs earlier in the season, last nights win was very satisfying to give us our third win in a row. Of particular note is Dylan’s desire to get a good workout by always losing the first two games before taking the last three. Steph needed to win two games for us to take the match but he kept us in suspense by going 1-2 down before trouncing his opponent 9-0 in the fourth. Richard promises to practice more regularly and Phil, playing his usual No.3 slot, continues to be matched against the weakest opponent of each side. The excellent peri-peri chicken made up for the long drive to the extreme southern tip of Johannesburg.

  1. Steph 2-3
  2. Dylan 3-2
  3. Phil P 3-0
  4. Richard 1-3

Match result: 118, to the good guys again