7th League vs Southern Suburbs

An evening of 'no problems' against a team that will be good once they get over their acne (all aged either 16 or 17).

  • On first, at 1, Richard gave their no.1 a lesson in squash 9-5, 9-2, 9-0. The last game was just class and the scores betray the difficulty factor. Flip gave away two games to this guy in the first round. In the end, 'no problems'.
  • On second, at 2 (we like structure), inviciPhil continued his indomitable run, being very generous this week and giving away a load of unnecessary points 9-4, 9-2, 9-1. We'll mark him down for not playing with that killer instinct, it should have been 27-0. However, in the end, 'no problem'.
  • On third, at 3 (is the team run by an actuary?), Gavin B gave a masterclass in 'Ming the Merciless', winning 9-0, 9-3, 9-0. I missed most of this because I went to get changed as they started warming and by the time I got back, Gavin was already 2-0 up. 'No problem'.
  • On fourth at 4 (because I like to know where I stand), occasionally-playing-these-days captain Bullen went on against the youngster of the team (complete with a pre-game change of nappy). This kid seemed to have a little more gumption and if it wasn't for a couple of unforced errors having driven me to 8-8 in the first, we might have lost the first game of the evening. Ever the slow starter, I warmed up in the second and in the end it was 10-8, 9-2, 9-1. No problem.

An evening of clinical finishing 16-0. It was all over before 21h30 and the boys were off home to sleep. Not sure about the youngsters from Suburbs though... In true Suburbs style, the closing chirp from the parents was "hope it wasn't your tyres that we slashed...". Only in the South.

Match result : 16-0