9th League A vs. Bryanston

Nailed Bryanston again but they have got better (16 in the first round, 12 this time) or has George “smoking” Bowen got worse. George, only looser on the night, graces the court and disgraces his advertising tin logo. Next Michael, keeping the clean sheet in tact, carries on from where he left off at his overwhelming, awe-inspiring, tremendous and awesome Lower Leagues Tournament Championship triumph and celebrates in a less noisy fashion so as not to disturb Chris. Nick plays well enough to win after his opponent called for one in the third; match and game points were exchanged three times. Standing out (as he always does) Paul made an appearance just in time to score the match, thanks, and earn himself a beer. Mark, team accountant using a hybrid 2048 by 4096 cell spreadsheet (for a small fee you can contact him for franchise rights), won for the third time this season. Doppio Zero was the nosh venue for a serving of burnt sole of pizza, later kindly replaced with a less burnt take away. It was the hatching of an idea from Nick to assist with purchase of the courts and land to alleviate the potential swallowing up by the Council à la Pirates and he would also like to know who is responsible for the lavender scented, purple soap in the men’s shower. Its aroma on returning home begs too many questions.

Rumour has it that the 9th league B side are all well and last week’s postponed match maybe played on Monday 30th.

Squash Commentary of the Week

When playing an Old Fart you must drop because he cannot get there. This is an erstwhile quote from one of the team members, no names mentioned as it was Nicked!

#1: Mark played Clarke 3-0: 10-8, 9-6, 9-4

#2: Nick played Gerald 3-0: 9-5, 9-7, 9-8

#3: George played David 0-3: 6-2, 2-9, 4-9

#4: Michael played Che 3-0: 9-1, 9-3, 9-7

Match score: 12-3