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Rollin' Rollin' Rollin', keep them doggies rollin' RAWHIDE!

For all you Blues Bros fans out there, the Blues Mobile was back on track last night after a brief derailment (pardon the mixed metaphors).

  • On first at No.4, non-playing captain Bullen turned on an unusually stylish performance to whip a young pretender 3-1 (Dylan, apparently no relation to Bob), having given the first game away due to severe disorientation (2 hour drive in the Blues mobile back from Sun City).
  • But the good start was soon undone, when Flip at No. 1 was given a lesson in squash by Zweli - who seemed to have legs as long as Africa and the running capacity of a Kenyan marathon runner. Despite some nice shots, Flip could only repeat the defeat of the first half and went down 1-3.
  • So it was up to the Gavins once more, and there was no disappointment. Gavin B was on first, promoted to two, and played with conviction and focus to force out a competent opponent 3-0, letting go of only 6 points in the process. Ruthless. Just how I like them doggies!
  • Gavin G was a little harder on the nerves. Having let the first game go quite easily, he struggled to win the second game, but that at least gave us the match victory. When he won the third quite easily it seemed as if his opponent had given up, but no, Gavin was in a generous mood and gave the fourth away. In the fifth he went 5-0 up, before letting his opponent back to 5-6...then there was never more than one point in it until Gavin finally finished him off on the 6th(?) match point, 10-8.

Match result 13-6 and Jake and Elwood will be performing live and in person next week at Southern now.

Was that really Ron Hagger at the club last night, really playing squash? Surely my eyes sign of Loake though?

Match result : 13-6