4th B (in name only) vs CCJ

After our thrashing last week, we hoped to get back on track against CCJ who had been thrashed even worse by Randburg.

Ron took to the courts first, knocked up nicely with a yellow dot ball and just as they were about to start a green dot appeared from the captain. This green dot must have been from depths of DaveP’s bag – as dead as a doorpost. Ron nearly got the ball to the back of the court once, but not quite. The less said about this performance the better. Having had harsh words with his girlfriend the previous week about being expected home early on a Tuesday. Ron had to rush off to the girlfriends daughters 21st party!!!!!!!!!! A poor performance all round.
The Silver Fox didn’t break sweat against his opponent and nor did young Kyle so two 3-0 victories put us in the pound seats.
The Eagle (Rich) then landed just in time from Cape  Town and although losing the 3rd managed to conquer the altitude and won 3-1.
Another good win for the B team (in name only) underdogs

Overall result: Won 12 – 4