Chambers against UJ

After a gallant attempt by the Club chairman in watering off the 3 x Boertjies and an Englishman team of 2012 by adding foreigners from that piece of land that broke away from Europe some years ago, the team assembled for its first game of the season.
Keen, verrrry keen they were. The super fit Porra was appointed as team motivator and send mouth watering motivational literature to the team.  Even the reserves pitched up at the game to see miss November, from the motivational literature. That was off course on the promise that she will be there. Maar ons Boere laat nie met ons speel nie, Vince was not to be distracted by silly sideshows and walked in asking – met watter bal speel ons? waar is die bal, ek wil speel. After that it took him most of half an hour to strap all that support gear on.

So it was that the number fours took to battle. Leslie the Spartan Porra was fierce,  die kant toe en daai kant toe. Meredith (the not a student from UJ) had no clue what was happening. Have you ever seen a super fit Spartan Porra in a sawn off vest zipping around the court? Meredith had no chance and therefore 3 – 0  for the Boertjies.   

Second was the club greenie Engelsman Glen against Dwaine (also the not so student from UJ). One game down and 1 - 0 for Glen, as well as the second in Glens favour.  But now the problem starts, ten years of no squash is catching up on Glen. The waste line also does not help.  Maar hy is in die span en n geskree van die kantlyn help hom aan. Go Spartan go, sing die Porra. By now Glen was dying a thousand deaths of exhaustion. He had a problem, the girl was looking on and he was committed and under pressure from the Spartans and luckily for him  a 17 – 15 win keeps him in the  team.

Our number two – Vince is next. Well oiled is this Boere skrywer. Done this before and has to show hierdie groen bokke how it is done. Soos n vlinder op die baan, geen haas. Tap hom hier en tap hom daar en vinnig is die score 2 - 0 vir Vince. Maar ooo hene nou is daar min bene, Jonathan laat nie met hom speel nie, hy veg terug. The air was now electrifying, 15 - 15. Vince new, he had to take this one, the stamina for 5 games is lacking. 16 each, 17 each en Vince haal alles uit en wys hom waar Dawid die wortel begrawe het, and pipped him to the post to take the game.
Now for Kobus the pony tailed Boertjie at number one. Very confident he swaggered on the court, I’ve done this before and Bradley (student from UJ) looked like not much. BUT whoha, that tactic does not work. Grease lightning and Kobus is down one game. Jong dit is nou nie so lekker nie, Kobus het mos groot planne vir 2013, hy gaan die Kaptein  nog les laat opse is mos sy GROOT droom. Of with the pony tail elastic and throwing the Samson main around is his thing.  Nou is hy reg, gooi kole Kobus, and the legs comes out, good running and nice tight shots against the side walls gives him the upper hand. He keeps it up and the next three is his. Well done Kobus. 1 – 3

.So an outright 4 - 0 win for Chambers. Up the Boertjies and some foreigners team. Well done all.

Overall result Won 16 - 3