6th A vs Old Eds

First league game for the “G Team” against Old Eds at Old Eds

GG on first at number 2 against the experienced Dennis – as always Dennis did not do too much running but killed the ball from any spot when given a bit of space. Went down pretty easily in the first 2 then decided to take the serve a bit earlier and won the 3rd game, did not help as he thumped me in the 4th (1-3)

BoerG (Manie) at number 4 went on next against the kid that had to be home by 8.30 – tried to get some points for BoerG as he is 3 times older than the kid. BoerG is not averse to running and tried to make the kid slip by wetting the court with perspiration. Nearly worked but the youngster eventually out ran BoerG by coming back from being 1-2 down (2-3)

On next BigG (George) at number 3 (he has guaranteed the team that at this position we can bank a win each match) against Volker. You could see that BigG has lost weight with the speed he moved around the court. He hardly took his mandatory lie down after taking the first 2 games but decided he needed game time so gave the next game to Volker before finishing it off in the 4th. A good win (3-1)

GBow (Gavin) on at number 1 against Ian (his second game for the day). GBow started like a house on fire and took the first pretty quickly, ok 3 zip or 1 would give us the match and 3 – 2 would be a points count. Ian had other plans and started this ugly effective boast, in the 3rd game GBow had a bit of a chance (13-15) and then it all went downhill (1-3)

Not a good start

Overall result: Lost  7 - 13