8th League vs. Wendywood

The campaign got under way against Wendywood at home.

First on at no 3 was captain Pete Fillmore who did not have too much trouble and won it 3-1. Pretty routine stuff.

Next was Pete Le Roux at no 2. The match swung both ways throughout but eventually he succumbed in the 5th and went down 2-3.

George followed at # 4   – no contest and a piece of cake against a beginner. 3-0 and all over in 10 minutes.

Last at no 1 was our self crowned   Most Vital Player (MVP)  ---   who was not so vital on the night. The Greek tried hard but was eventually outplayed in a good contest. Down 2-3.

So a win to begin with at  12 -7.

Overall result: Won 12 - 7