6th B vs Jeppe

Travelling to the nether regions of the city is always an experience and this time was no different. We knew it would be a tough evening with Jeppe having given our “A” team a bit of a klap the previous week.

Nigel on first to warm up the courts. Thought it was going to be a cruise as the first two games were a cinch. But oppo Shane worked his way back into the match with some great cutting at the T. After leading 13-8 in the fourth and losing 16-14, it was a battle to come back in the fifth. But Shane ran out of legs and it was match to Nigel – although at a cost which became apparent later. Won 3-2.

Mark on next against Greg: first game was a doddle. Next game not so much. Third game was lengthy affair with both players chasing the ball like an Irishman chasing a potato on a merry go round. A good few layers of wood must have been lost through the friction of a thousand shot rallies. Worked to Mark’s advantage though and he got the game 17-15. Then into the fourth and Mark was 11-6 down. Mental strength prevailed and Mark won the next 9 points finish in style. Won 3-1.

So, onto Danie vs Kent: Despite being named for cigarettes, Kent was a runner. And run he did. Danie was happy to let him do so and took a close first game. A ding-dong epic ensued with the next two games going Kent’s way. Danie tightened the screws in the fourth with some drives hugging the wall and dying in the corners. But that old bug-bear, fitness, caught him in the final game and he couldn’t push Kent quite hard enough to force the errors. Lost 2-3.

Finally Louis against Chris. Louis had to get one game to get a points count and two for the outright win. Unfortunately he didn’t manage this – the word ‘ringer’ comes to mind when we talk of Chris. Louis pushed him hard in the first, just losing 16-14. Second game was no contest as Louis got frustrated with himself, but reigned it in in the third, running well. However Chris was a slippery character and didn’t waste any of his chances. Lost 0-3.

The evening was ended out at a ‘Portuguese’ spot in Bedfordview, for which our hosts kindly picked up the bill – obviously happy with their win for the evening.

Overall result: Lost 8 - 11