4th B (in name only) vs Parkview

The newly promoted 4th B arrived at the arch-rivals raring to go.
The Silver Fox went on 1st against young Bongi. A tough battle ensued but the wily fox triumphed 3-1.
Ron next against a runner who couldn’t run cos of a bad knee. Ron was cruising until he pulled a calf muscle at the end of the 3rd. Rested in the 4th and then went for broke in the 5th. Good 3-2 win, the cripple beating the cripple.
The King on next raced into a 2-0 lead before his opponent could wake up. But wake up he did taking the next 2. The King though wasn’t going to take this lying down and played some great squash to go 14-9 up in the 5th. Game set and match we thought. BUT ………..an amazing  “un-royal” comeback saw The King lose 16-14 for a 3-2 loss.
Lastly Rich against Kuben. Rich lost the 1st but the faster younger legs wore Kuben down and Rich cruised in 3-1. As usual not a hair out of place.

Overall result: Won 14 – 7