8th League vs. Modderfontein

 What a start to the season; two matches, two wins and this week a 16!
Stratford Z wearing the #1 shirt cruises past Greg (the coaching is paying dividends) but has a hiccup at game three. The game is not over till the fat lady sings and we are a team so joining us for the after match meal will go down well in the future. 3-1 up.
On an adjacent court, Mike H takes on their #4, Angelo. Despite the training Mike is playing like a wally and won 3 egg, so you can imagine how his opponent played. Mike saved a game ball in the third which was a relief as he might have squandered the match. 3-0 up.
George B takes on Warren and wins easily with his fiercesome two handed backhand playing a major roll. It was Warren’s birthday and true to form George played him a friendly fourth and still did not let him win! Shame, 3-0 up.
Lastly a rejuvenated Peter LeR (so slim, moving like a rabbit and no fear of his insides falling) takes to the court and plays a ding dong match, loosing the 1st, winning the 2nd, loosing the 3rd and winning the 4th and 5th. These despite some claims that he could reach the ball on several occasions that were denied by the Chamber ref. Yes he could have reached them if he was playing with the shaft length of belly putter! Also there was hold up in play as it looked like there were two balls on court, maybe a lepidopterologist can help? A big one in the Deep South.
The opposition did provide us with bevies but did not join us for a meal, so Dopio Zero won out.

Squash Tip of the Week
Always play with a length. Two reasons; it limits you opponent for options on the return and the girl friend likes it!

Match score: 16-3

PS There was much analysis on the reason for the win and comments such as “Maybe the rested players should play golf every Wednesday, stick with hockey and take time recovering from a knee op!” were uttered.